Woohoo! Organic Lubricant Review

I was mercifully sent a container of Woohoo! natural grease from Woohoo! for audit and the reason this item spoke to me, is on account of it has been produced using totally body safe, vagina well disposed, natural fixings. As a delicate soul (I endure vulva torment on a to some degree standard premise) I am truly satisfied to see more common, natural, body safe greases show up available and on the off chance that you have perused my novices manual for individual ointments, you will see why I have a tendency to maintain a strategic distance from oils that contain fixings like parabens and glycerine.


Woohoo! Ointment Ingredients:


(Water); Cyamopsis tetragonolbus (Guar Gum); Ceratonia Siliqua (Locust bean gum); Aloe barbadensis leaf Juice powder (Aloe Vera); Camellia Sinensis (Green tea remove); Equisetem arvense (Horse tail extract);Carrageenan (Red ocean growth extricate); phenoxyethanol; Pottasium sorbate; Citric Acid.


Being used:


Shockingly however, Woohoo! Grease let me down a little when it came to execution. This oil is fairly watery keeping in mind I thought that it was reasonable for penis in vagina infiltration, it let me down in different ranges, for example, butt-centric sex and for use with bigger sex toys, most recognizably those produced using draggy silicone. Woohoo! Grease gives a thin layer of wetness, which abandons you feeling very wet, however is simply not sufficiently thick to give an overwhelming obligation support between my skin and my silicone sex toys. Yes it helped, yet it dried excessively rapidly and the grating felt while utilizing my toys was higher than when I utilized the thicker, and more gel-like, Sliquid Sassy. In general, it was useful for more lightweight movement, similar to intercourse with my accomplice and making a smoothness for finger to clitoris masturbation, albeit once more, it dries up rapidly. Woohoo! Oil really helps me a considerable measure to remember Yes Water based oil, in consistency, shading, surface and execution. Both are characteristic, natural greases that are body safe and hypoallergenic, however both are more appropriate for more “delicate” play.


Woohoo! LubricantConsistency of Woohoo! LubricantWoohoo! LubricantWoohoo! Ointment


One issue I have with Woohoo! Ointment being runny, is that it is hard to control. As a matter of first importance, it tends to spill out from the squeezy bottle it comes in (Without really crushing the container) when you open the top, which implies that it gets wherever unless you guarantee your palm is prepared to catch it as it streams out. Furthermore, not at all like more gel-like oils, it has a tendency to be hard to apply to sex toys, without it hurrying down the sides of the pole and covering the base. This is a bit of irritating. I feel that a pump administering jug would presumably control the ointment better.


Because of the way of the fixings, Woohoo! Lube has a shady, semi-straightforward appearance. It additionally has an exceptionally bluff smell (Soapy) and a significant intense taste. I would not suggest utilizing it just before oral sex. As it goes away, you will see a slight shabbiness on the skin. This has a tendency to vanish when the grease has totally absorbed. Being water based, this oil can be reactivated again with water, which implies that you could feel tasteless on and off for some time after use, because of sweating. It is sheltered to use on all sex toys, including silicone materials and perfect with condoms and stomachs as well.




With regards to conclusive considerations, there are a couple of perspectives to Woohoo! Ointment that truly speak to me. It is natural and the makers have put a ton of exertion into guaranteeing they picked vagina inviting fixings in its creation. It would truly suit the individuals who experience the ill effects of sensitivities (I endured no disturbance or negative responses from Woohoo! Lube) or simply need to realize that the item they are utilizing is sheltered and solid. It was consummately worthy at giving the smoothness expected to charming penis in vagina entrance as well. I just actually would not prescribe it for all the more no-nonsense utilize. It is to a greater degree a tender, common ointment, as opposed to the kind you would snatch in the event that you needed to enjoy butt-centric sex, or for use with bigger, “draggy” sex toys. On the off chance that you are searching for a paraben free, glycerine free oil that is all the more substantial obligation, investigate my survey for Sliquid Sassy.


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