Viinas Rosalia Rabbit Vibrator Review

One of the primary burdens of rabbit vibrators, or any double stimulators, is discovering one to fit your own life systems. Vulvae come in all shapes and sizes all things considered and a rabbit may suit one individual, fitting impeccably and invigorating the right territories, yet the following individual may think that its simply doesn’t hit the right spots for them. This is the reason I for the most part stay away from rabbit vibrators. I have never discovered one that can satisfy me as specifically and superbly as I can be satisfied utilizing a dildo and a clitoral vibrator. The nearest I have come to truly getting a charge out of a rabbit vibrator, was the point at which I attempted the Swan Whooper Rabbit Vibrator.


All things considered, I am an idealistic kinda lady, so when Viinas reached me to inquire as to whether I might want to audit one of their new items available, I was instantly attracted to their Rosalia Rabbit. The primary concern that attracted me, was that stunning looking clitoral stimulator. It seems to be like the standard rabbit style clitoral vibrators, yet rather than having two ‘bunny ears’ the Rosalia just has one. Presently, I like stick point incitement, so this plan truly spoke to me. I was likewise anticipating encountering the bended, principle shaft, envisioning it would perform well for some exceptional g-spot play.


So let me simply get this out the way; the Rosalia and I were not a solid match. I embedded the principle shaft and acknowledged promptly that the single rabbit ear was overshooting my clitoris and stopping at the highest point of my clitoral shaft (Just underneath my Mons pubis) I endeavored to edge the Rosalia, comparatively to all rabbits before it, however no measure of squirming would get the bunny ear to feel great. It got to be evident rapidly that the single ear was just too stick point for me. I could scarcely feel it set up and here and there it even felt somewhat “pokey” The best incitement I accomplished was by lifting the ear up with my fingers and putting the whole clitoral arm straightforwardly onto my clitoris. You are perhaps believing that these issues are sufficiently terrible, however it deteriorated. Much more regrettable.


My Experiences with the Rosalia:


The Rosalia Rabbit is enormously ailing in the vibrations office. The vibrations exuding from the Rosalia, sit at the powerless and “buzzy” end of the scale. My first sign this was the situation was the point at which I exchanged the vibrator on and heard that obvious there’s-an-irate mosquito-in-the-room, sound. The Rosalia’s piercing vibrations could be gotten notification from over the opposite side of my (Large) room, however I couldn’t hear it when I went outside my room and shut the entryway. It is not insultingly boisterous, but rather not whisper-calm either and the clamor it makes is diverting. The engines vibrate at a to a great degree high recurrence, giving it this shrill vibration sound, yet like most vibrators that make this clamor, the Rosalia has surface level, to a great degree shallow vibrations. My feelings of dread were acknowledged when I put the Rosalia to utilize. I require a more profound, all the more thundering vibration to achieve climax and as well as could be expected accomplish with the Rosalia was a surface level impression that would not travel any more profound than the top layer of skin. I likewise need to apply a little weight to my clitoris and when I endeavored to do this with the Rosalia, I found that it hosed the vibrations definitely. I could scarcely feel anything beside a diffuse, shivering tickle in my crotch zone. My clitoris scarcely felt anything. After around ten minutes of utilization on full power, I ran over another issue that I regularly take up with truly high recurrence vibrators; the clitoral arm got warm. Hot even. Vibrators that get hot amid utilize stress me a bit. I have a tendency to expect the engines on these toys to wear out faster.


Viinas Rosalia Rabbit VibratorViinas Rosalia Rabbit VibratorViinas Rosalia Rabbit VibratorViinas Rosalia Rabbit Vibrator


The Rosalia is a double engine vibrator, with one engine controlling the clitoral arm and the other driving the primary shaft. In the event that you are pondering, both engines are the same. There is no distinction in the vibe of the vibrations in both the pole and the clitoral arm, both are shallow and buzzy. This implied I couldn’t utilize the fundamental shaft against my clitoris to convey myself to climax, as it was pretty much as baffling as the clitoral arm might have been, if not more in this way, since it is bigger and subsequently more diffuse. There truly was zero chance of me achieving climax with the Rosalia.


I chose to play out a little test, as I needed to check whether it was only my creative energy, or if the vibrations were truly this powerless/shallow. I got some different toys in my developing gathering and contrasted them and the clitoral arm on the Rosalia (Bearing as a top priority, the primary shaft feels similar in any case). I soon found that so a significant number of my other, littler, less expensive vibrators were out playing out the Rosalia. With the clit arm on its most elevated setting, I thought about it against my battery worked RO-80 projectile vibrator (The shot felt further and more pleasant on medium speed, than the Rosalia did on rapid) The single speed battery worked slug from Tantus additionally had further vibrations and my last test, the RO-160mm projectile vibrator, felt further and more agreeable on setting 1 (Low speed) than the Rosalia’s clitoral arm did on fast. I was disillusioned.


The thing that disillusioned me the most was that I could see the potential here. I adore the look of the Rosalia and I surely like that super stick point clitoral stimulator. It is smooth and provocative, also waterproof and remote controlled. It is let down immensely by its engines. I know I am not by any means the only lady out there who hungers for an all the more thundering vibration. One that ventures further into the clitoral tissues and spreads inside down the clitoral legs. On the off chance that my time as an analyst has shown me anything, it is that an expansive rate of females and guys appear to favor this kind of incitement as well. Obviously, we are all unique and I know there are numerous aficionados of the gentler touch, yet for me, the Rosalia was insufficient. I question that it will be sufficient for any power seekers among you that need more oomph than a standard, battery worked slug can give. All things considered, my shots figured out how to beat the Rosalia (Depth and quality of sensations).


Presently I have secured the negatives, I proceed onward to more positive parts of the Rosalia. For those thinking about whether that bended primary shaft will be agreeable, I can affirm that it is, because of the way that the “neck” of the principle shaft is adaptable and the size never surpasses 4.25 inches. This guarantees the fundamental shaft flexes at the base and can subsequently be embedded easily, without bringing about any grinding or cinching sensations behind the pubic bone and inside muscles. The adaptability guaranteed comfort, yet it meant that I couldn’t have any significant bearing hard weight against my g-spot (Maybe it is only a smidgen excessively adaptable for me) still, the medium weight connected was sufficient to titillate and bother my g-spot adequately. The principle shaft astounded me in that, when I embedded the full length (5.5 inches approx) trying to apply the clitoral arm straightforwardly to my clit (Not the ear) I found the tip was beginning to push at my cervix. I don’t think this will influence each lady, since I know I am very shallow inside. The vibrations voyaging inside were not astonishing, because of the shallow feel of them, however the incitement gave physically from the pole was charming.


Viinas Rosalia Rabbit VibratorViinas Rosalia Rabbit VibratorViinas Rosalia Rabbit VibratorViinas Rosalia Rabbit Vibrator


Concerning the remote control angle, when this element worked, it was fab. There is nothing more charming than laying back and making the most of your dreams as you spin through your most loved settings utilizing a remote control as a part of your hand. You don’t need to move. Idealize. The issue is that the Rosalia can be entirely flaky at getting the signs. As a rule, the vibrator would not respond to my snaps, unless I put the remote straightforwardly close by to the Rosalia. The further away it was, the flakier it got and I’d gauge that it just worked half of the time on the off chance that I held the remote at my bosoms, while the toy was embedded. It had more trouble getting my accomplices clicks as he held the remote, while sat adjacent to me.


The Rosalia is rechargeable, which is incredible, however don’t expect super quick turnarounds. It takes approximately 6 hours to charge it from level and a full charge gave me 45 minutes, in the event that I utilized both engines on full. It accompanies a charging dock (With mains and USB choices.) and I never had any issues with it.


The Rosalia rabbit is likewise waterproof and produced using silicone. The silicone used to make the Rosalia is of the velvety, matte assortment and when you run your fingers over it, it seems to have an extremely slight graininess to it. It doesn’t pull in clean and build up, which is great. I prescribe adhering to water based oils when utilizing the Rosalia, as silicone bonds with silicone and silicone oils could harm the surface of the toy.




The Rosalia was sent to me before the item went live in the shops and my Rosalia touched base with no guideline manual. My own particular experimentation has left me somewhat bewildered. As a matter of first importance, the vibration modes are somewhat strange. To the extent I can tell, the clitoral arm and the fundamental shaft engines have diverse example settings. Subsequent to spinning through both engines, this is the conclusion I have drawn:


Clitoral arm modes: Low steady > Medium consistent > High consistent > Slow heartbeat > Fast heartbeat > High Constant > Off


Will you see it? Yes, there gives off an impression of being two high steady speed modes. Hold up however, it gets more abnormal:


Fundamental shaft Modes: Low consistent > Medium steady > High constant> Dot speck dash > Irregular heartbeat > Irregular heartbeat 2 > Fast heartbeat > Medium heartbeat > Irregular heartbeat 3 > cha > Medium heartbeat > Off


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