Pjur Woman Toy Lubricant Review

I was sympathetically sent a container of Pjur Woman Toy Lubricant straightforwardly from Pjur.com for a fair-minded survey keeping in mind I have a significant number of Pjur oils to audit over the coming months, this was the first that got my attention since, well I am a sex toy commentator and I utilize sex toys a considerable measure. Finding an ointment that had been outlined particularly for use with sex toys was awesome, so I chose to test and survey this jug first.


Composed on the Bottle:


Pjur Woman Toy Lube is the non-dribble individual ointment for use with suggestive embellishments and toys. The rich surface is anything but difficult to measurement and to apply accurately to the sexual toy. It remains where you apply it and empowers an extremely happy with taking care of. It has an uncommon dependable greasing up impact, is completely skin neighborly, gives your skin a delicate and smooth feel and advances your sexual prosperity. Free from oil, oil and aromas. Not to use as a preventative. Does not contain any spermicidal substances. Appropriate for use with latex condoms.




(Water); Dimethicone; Dimethiconol; Carbomer; Sodium Hydroxide; Propylene Glycol; Benzyl Alcohol; Methylchloroisothiazolinone; Methylisothiazolinone.


Pjur Woman Toy LubricantPjur Woman Toy LubricantPjur Woman Toy LubricantPjur Woman Toy Lubricant


My encounters with Pjur Woman Toy Lubricant:


Presently I am no scientist, yet I trust a couple of the fixings recorded (Dimethicone, Dimethiconol) are silicone polymers. I couldn’t discover any data on the Pjur site, to affirm this, yet I trust that Pjur Woman Toy Lube is a half and half grease, a blend between water based and silicone based. The durable way of this ointment being used, likewise affirmed this in my psyche. Considering this is promoted as a toy ointment, I was somewhat stressed. I regularly abstain from utilizing silicone ointments with silicone sex toys, in light of the fact that silicone bonds with silicone and sex toys produced using silicone can conceivably be harmed in the event that you utilize an inconsistent silicone oil on them. To discover how “hazardous” Pjur toy lube is, I chose to do some fix tests on various silicone sex toys I claim. I put a blob of Pjur Woman Toy Lubricant onto the base of my Tantus Flurry (The purple toy in my photos) and a blob onto my Lelo Elise 2 Vibrator. I cleared out the ointment on the toys for approx. 20 minutes before washing the toys once in hot, foamy water. As should be obvious, an odd buildup stamp was deserted on both toys. I then washed the toys three times in hot sudsy water, just to triple check it wasn’t simply severely washed and as should be obvious from my last pictures, the imprints have blurred, however are still discernible on both toys. It was simply after the fourth and fifth wash that I saw the imprints had blurred totally. What does this mean? I have no clue. I am concerned that the oil is harming the surface of my exceptionally costly sex toys, and if those imprints are anything to pass by, the oil unmistakably stays nearby on the surface of the toys for various washes before blurring. The toys did not feel cheap and there did not appear to be any harm to the silicone material, however this response put me off utilizing this ointment completely, with my silicone sex toys.


Pjur Woman Toy Lube connected to Lelo Elise 2Pjur Toy Lubricant recolor after 1 washPjur Toy Lubricant recolor after 3 washes


Beside the way that it leaves these abnormal stains on my sex toys, Pjur Woman Toy grease is a to a great degree great ointment. It arrives in a pump administering bottle and is a thick, smooth white ointment that makes a pleasant, thick cushion amongst skin and toy. I truly adored the vibe of it and this is one container of oil that will end up being a backbone in my ointment gathering. It feels so velvety and leaves the skin feeling delicate. It doesn’t dry shabby, it doesn’t trickle all over the place and it keeps going any longer than standard water based ointments do, before requiring re-connected. I was likewise satisfied to find after various uses, that this oil brought about no disturbance or response on my skin. Indeed, even the essence of this ointment was not as unpleasant as some water based greases I have attempted before. It has a mellow lathery taste, yet nothing sufficiently solid to put us off performing oral sex on each other, in the wake of utilizing this lube.


Pjur Woman Toy Lube connected to Tantus FlurryLubricant recolor after 1 washLubricant recolor after 3 washes




I truly preferred Pjur Woman Toy Lubricant and thought that it was most appropriate for use amid penis in vagina intercourse. It was additionally perfect for use with non-silicone sex toys, similar to glass, and for masturbation without toys. It is likewise protected to use with latex and elastic, making it condom and stomach safe, however this is promoted particularly as a toy ointment and finding that this grease deserted abnormal stamps, or stains, on my extremely costly silicone sex toys was a bit of unsettling. I am still not certain if those imprints are harming my toys or not, but rather I have chosen to abstain from utilizing it on my silicone sex toys, just to be erring on the side of caution. For every single other part of sexual play, Pjur Woman Toy Lubricant is fabulous and I wholeheartedly suggest it.




One month in the wake of investigating Pjur Toy Lube I have a report with respect to the peculiar stains deserted on my silicone toys. As a matter of first importance I have seen that after about 10 washes, the stain really vanished from both toys and no harm was abandoned. Furthermore, I was reached my Pjur who had this to say:


“It is interesting, however the main clarification we can discover for the happened deposits is most likely the test technique. We expect that you connected a drop of the toy lube on to the toy and left it there for a more drawn out timeframe? Implies longer than you would do on the off chance that you utilize it for “typical” (let me say ordinary however not arranged) love play?


Since the Woman Toy Lube is a water/silicone recipe the water part in the equation will then dissipate and the handled gel-operator would stay as deposits. In the event that the above-said test strategy had been set up, would you concur this is not a “typical” use?


In the event that you would include the lube to the toy – certain sum contingent upon your inclination utilize it while cherish play and thereafter clean it – regardless of the possibility that it is just a short wipe away, it ought not construct that stains or in the end cause those harms. That has never become obvious. Provided that this is true, please trust me, we would have begun quickly to research this issue.”


After my own encounters and hearing once more from Pjur, I now trust that these stiff-necked imprints are deposit, abandoned when the water vanishes from the oil. The stains are willful yet they do in the end blur away and no harm is by all accounts left on the toy. Pjur are additionally consoling me that this response happened in light of the fact that my test technique was not “typical use” keeping in mind I have not encountered this abnormal response doing likewise test with different greases, I am currently sensibly sure this is only a determined deposit recolor, as opposed to harm to the silicone toys. I trust this on the grounds that after around ten to fifteen washes, I managed to totally expel the imprints from my toys.


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