Tantus Pack and Play No 1 Dildo Review

I was generously sent the Tantus Pack and Play No 1 Dildo straightforwardly from Tantus.inc for an unprejudiced survey and I had been longing for the Pack and Play No 1 for a long time. The fundamental purpose behind my longing to possess the Pack and Play No 1 was this; I knew this dildo would feel diverse to any Tantus toy I had attempted before it. As the name proposes, the Tantus Pack and Play No 1 (And the No 2.) has been outlined considering two destinations. Firstly, it can be utilized as a standard dildo for vaginal or butt-centric infiltration and furthermore, it can be strapped into an outfit and worn underneath your garments as a pressing dildo. The reason this is conceivable is on account of the silicone used to make the Pack and Play dildo is gentler than the silicone used to make different Tantus dildos, including the double thickness, O2 silicone dildos, similar to my Tantus Cush. Actually, the Tantus Pack and Play No 1 is one of the mildest and squishiest, immaculate silicone dildos in my gathering, just being beaten by my Bad Dragon Dildos and with regards to silicone dildos, I favor them delicate. The gentler the better truly, the length of the dildo can at present be utilized effectively for entrance. I knew the Pack and Play No 1 was one of Tantus mildest dildos and that swung it for me.


Item Information


The Tantus Pack and Play measures 7 crawls in useable length (8 inches add up to length, including the base.) and has a circuit of 5.5 creeps around the glans. This decreases to a 5 creep outline around the pole. It is a sensible looking dildo, with a raised coronal edge, a gleaming silicone glans prompting a more matte silicone shaft and some veining surface to the front of the pole (The back of the pole is very smooth). The Pack and Play No 1, similar to all Tantus dildos, accompanies a flared, level base, making it ok for butt-centric utilize and reasonable for strapping into a strap on tackle. It has been made completely from superb, body safe silicone, which implies it is free from Phthalates and is for all intents and purposes non-permeable. The Pack and Play No 1 can even be sanitized in a 10% blanch arrangement, or with bubbling water, so it can be cleaned altogether between openings or accomplices. You will likely find that it will require a snappy wash before use, and after, in light of the fact that the silicone pulls in heaps of clean, hair and build up. I prescribe adhering to utilizing water based, or oil based oils with the Pack and Play, as some silicone ointments could conceivably harm the surface layer of this toy.


Tantus Pack and Play No 1Tantus Pack and Play No 1Tantus Pack and Play No 1Tantus Pack and Play No 1


My encounters with the Tantus Pack and Play No 1:




The Tantus Pack and Play No 1 is likely a standout amongst the most flexible dildos accessible, being appropriate for vaginal utilize, butt-centric utilize, strap-on play and pressing. It is significant however, that the Pack and Play No 1 has been planned with enough inflexibility to be utilized as a working dildo and as I would see it, this solidness makes it inadmissible for use as an ordinary pressing dildo. It is basically too huge and excessively unbending. I stuck it into my Tantus Intermediate Strap-on bridle and wore it underneath my garments for 60 minutes or two and found that the base would frequently press uncomfortably into my pubic zone, when the dildo was squashed into my pants and the tip would rub at the skin on my hips and gut. On top of this, it appeared as though I had a lasting, and rather expansive, erection, which was unmistakable obviously through attire. (See pictures.) So, most likely not appropriate for day by day wear, or open wear, but rather plainly perfect for times when you need an expansive, hard bundle to display.




As a standard dildo however? Gracious I cherished it. I would even say that the Pack and Play No 1 is my most loved Tantus dildo yet. The milder silicone feels more great to embed and to push with, contrasted with firmer silicone dildos and this is on the grounds that the Pack and Play No 1 flexes and squishes all the more effortlessly around my inward muscles and pubic bone, so wasn’t any uncomfortable grinding, jabbing or thumping sensations amid utilize. The silicone even warms up to body temperature quick. It just feels like a more common, tender fit and this is one dildo I can push hard with, without feeling battered or wounded later. The negligible surface gives a more streamlined, delicate feel, however this dildo is still sensibly extensive, so it stretched me somewhat and gave a full feeling. The raised coronal edge could likewise be felt as it delicately popped past my inward muscles/pubic bone and typically this sensation would back me off, in light of the fact that it can turn out to be somewhat uncomfortable, however the super delicate silicone lessens the power of the “pop” and I found that the raised edge would brush against my g-spot with negligible exertion. It is most likely not my most loved g-spot dildo, since I incline toward those toys to be slimmer and firmer, however my g-spot was absolutely not ignored.


Tantus Pack and Play No 1Tantus Pack and Play No 1Tantus Pack and Play No 1Tantus Pack and Play No 1




My accomplice and I are butt-centric intermediates, or somewhat, neither of us have ever gotten to be alright with substantial butt-centric toys. The Tantus Pack and Play No 1 was skirting on both our points of confinement, yet we chose to put it under a magnifying glass at any rate on the grounds that An) I needed to know whether the gentler silicone would twist/flex an excess of and make it hard to enter anally and B) Any reason to peg my accomplice. So put it under a magnifying glass we did and I am satisfied to report that the Pack and play No 1 really makes for an extremely charming butt-centric toy. Yes, it does once in a while twist/flex amid introductory inclusion, particularly if your point is not flawless, or in the event that you are not casual, and yes, it is a little on the substantial side and most likely not appropriate for fledglings, but rather the decreased head controls the toy into the butt, bit by bit extending the muscles, instead of over-burdening all of them on the double and pretty much as I encountered with vaginal entrance, the gentler silicone acclimated well inside and just created inconvenience on the off chance that I dove too deep (Then again, my accomplice has never delighted in longer toys) Another favorable position of the milder silicone is that it feels less scary than toys of similar size in a firmer material, so despite the fact that it took some warming up to and lashings of oil, my accomplice found the Pack and Play No 1 to be very agreeable. It extended him and the edge invigorated his p-spot effectively.




The Pack and Play No 1 is a greatly flexible dildo. It does a tad bit of everything and generally, it does it truly well. The main issue I had with it, was for use as an everyday pressing dildo. It just felt excessively unwieldy and detectable in my jeans. For entrance, both vaginally and anally, it was divine. The Pack and Play No 1 is one of the gentler silicone dildos accessible from Tantus and this makes it feel more good and reasonable being used, however remember this is not a little dildo. At 5.5 creeps in outline at its biggest point, it gave a full sensation and a tenderly extended feeling, particularly when utilized for butt-centric sex and I envision this will be the situation with a great many people, unless you are as of now alright with bigger sex toys. I cherished the Tantus Pack and Play No 1. It is certainly one of my top choices. I thought that it was most appropriate for vaginal infiltration. I would prescribe it to anybody searching for a high caliber, sensible dildo for vaginal, butt-centric or strap on play and in the event that you like it squishy, the Tantus Pack and Play No 1 is the dildo for you. Look at the Pack and Play No 2 in the event that you lean toward a more bended dildo.



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